Join South Carolina’s Truthful Tuesday Coalition!

The Truthful Tuesday campaign is on hiatus until the state legislature reconvenes in January 2015. Activists will work over the summer and fall on the SC Progressive Network‘s Healthy Democracy Road Show, bringing the message of Medicaid expansion to rural South Carolina. It is a targeted, sophisticated project. See to find out how you can get involved.

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In surprise move, Senate kills “Nullify Obamacare” bill

What happened, and what does it mean for us? Read this.

Truthful Tuesday 3.18.14


Photos on Flickr.

Truthful Tuesday 3.11.14

See photos of the latest arrests here.

Truthful Tuesday 3.4.14

Eleven Truthful Tuesday protesters arrested at SC State House

On March 4, 11 people were arrested for blocking the road to the SC State House entrance on the morning the Senate was to begin debate on the “Nullify Obamacare” bill (recently amended to the “ACA Anti-Commandeering Act.) The citizen action was the latest in a sustained effort to educate the public about the Affordable Care Act, and to shame state lawmakers into expanding Medicaid. Failure to do so will cause many hundreds of deaths this year, one study suggesting as many as 1,400.


See photos of the arrests here.

Rev. Pat Jobe of Greenville explains why he got arrested. Blog post here.

Outside the Senate chambers March 4, SC Progressive Network Director Brett Bursey explains to a reporter with The State why Truthful Tuesday activists blocked the road to the SC State House entrance. Eleven were arrested. (At the time of the interview, the protesters were still being processed at police headquarters, and Bursey thought 10 had been arrested.)

29 thoughts on “Join South Carolina’s Truthful Tuesday Coalition!

    • Congrats to the protesters. My sympathies exactly. Expand Medicaid. Do the Humanitarian thing. I’m so tired of being embarrassed by our wonderful State of SC. Catherine

  1. One way to drive home the reality of what the Legislature and Governor have done on the refusing the Medicaid expansion might be to erect a ring of funeral wreaths and grave decorations on the traditional metal tripod stands (very cheap) on the lawn. Each county’s funeral arrangement or wreath might include a black bow and a prominent tag marked with the estimated number of people from that county expected to die due to the decision to deny people the medicaid expansion. If you wanted to go all the way, you could salvage a dying or rotten arrangement from a cemetery and use that, after removing anything which might identify the deceased. Most cemetaries have a dump where the place the dead arrangements, support tripods and other decorations which florists visit to recover stands and parts which can be recycled (including hundreds of vases). People could walk around the circle looking at each county’s arrangement. You could put a casket of symbolic grave in the middle. It would be very visual. We would need a crew to do cleanup afterwards. Picking a location near a place where the media could video the display from above would be useful.

    • Love this idea–visuals are always a bonus. County-by-county numbers may not be possible because of course we’re talking about projections of individual mortality, but the general idea of a funerary display is promising. Would be helpful to have a poignant catch-phrase for the display. Something that could be reproduced on signs to sprinkle in the crowd. Would also be good to integrate a few stories and photos to put faces to the number. Makes it more relatable and personal.

  2. My thought is Medicaid should not be expanded and SC should vote for Nullification of Obamacare. SC does not have the money, it’s a Federal Government ploy to make more people dependent on the Federal Government for everything and it’s part of the Obama effort to control the population. You are right on one thing though, “enough-is-enough” when it comes to Federal Government intrusion into our lives! Ira.

    • Actually, some SC state reps proposed accepting the Medicaid funding, but only for a limited time and before the state would have to begin expanding its own contribution; the majority still refused it, though.

      The state legislators jamming this aren’t opposed to any cost — they’re only opposed to doing anything that would give the public the opportunity to see how good Obamacare is.

    • Actually although your ‘feeling’ may be valid to you it is not based on facts. And this is a progressive forum. You may want to reserve backward commentary for a TEA Party caucus forum.

    • Fact is all dollars come from our federal Treasury. Why you would object to dollars being sent directly to goods and service providers is a puzzlement. Why some Congress critters are opposed is pretty clear. They don’t get a say in to whom those dollars are sent. That’s up to the recipients. It is, after all, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

  3. SC does have the money, we do need to put a stop to the wealth distribution from the poor and working people to the Plantation owners. Then we might have an influence on the Death Panels denying care to the most needy. Caring for the most unfortunate, a true value of being part of Humankind….

  4. “But I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is… to tell the truth.”
    ― Howard Zinn

    Truthful Tuesday. Enough is Enough.

  5. At rally yesterday… I think the guy holding the sign “Big Brother Is Watching You” HAS IT RIGHT. Do you really want the Fed Gov controlling your every move?
    I saw him standing quietly on both sides of the rallys.

  6. Thanks to everyone who made the rally such a powerful event. Now let’s get busy with our lobbying on Truthful Tuesdays. Stay tuned!

  7. No doubt about it. On this special Monday, MLK is smiling down on the ‘Truthful Tuesday’ crowd. It was a wonderful event that even caught the attention of MSNBC. I wrote a piece about the rally for the national progressive website as an official contributor roughly 2-3 times a week.

    I hope we can have monthly demonstrations in every county in the state.

    My sincere thanks to the indefatigable Brett Bursey and his Progressive Posse of Americans representing the true patriotism of compassion, caring and sharing. Keep up the great work!

  8. A note to the Network from my 16-year-old niece, who took a day off school on January 14th to attend the Truthful Tuesday rally. Don’t shoot me…I’m just the messenger! But as a forty-something, I can (wincingly) see that she does make a good point:

    “I think it would be very smart to get more young people to attend your next rally. When I looked around, most of the crowd looked like they were at least 40. No offense, but I doubt it matters much to SC Republican politicians if the same people who have probably voted Democrat forever rally outside the statehouse. Show that there are a lot of young, new voters out there who agree with you and it would be much scarier to them in an election year. I think what you guys are doing is very important and I don’t mean to put down the hard work you do. Without you there would be no rallies or progressive movement at all in our state. I’m just being honest that it’s voters of the rising generations who are the biggest threat to the status quo.” –KW, Lexington

    I noticed a lack of younger people, too, to be honest. We were gathered just blocks from USC. Is there no outreach there? With the social work school and/or its student associations, or with the school of public health? Historically Black fraternities and sororities, or other student groups on campus? This might be something to work on in 2014….

  9. As someone closely involved with this effort, I share your daughter’s concern about the lack of young people involved. And although we do have a number of powerful and dynamic young people working with us, and they did their best to motivate and mobilize the youngsters, it was a tough sell. A rally on a weekday in threatening weather was not the ideal situation, but this effort is a work in progress. So stay involved. I would invite KW to take the initiative to educate and involve her peers. This grassroots effort needs their input and energy. We old-timers are doing our best. Younger folks: Are you?

  10. Becci,
    Your response made for a good conversation with my niece about activism and apathy/inconvenience. She has been great about educating her peers at school about important issues, but few are even modestly inclined to take any kind of action even when they recognize injustices and firmly agree with the progressive stance. My niece had hoped college students would be more motivated…honestly, so had I. Certainly students of social work…activism is such an important component of advocacy. What’s a little rain or cold, and an hour or two out of class for something you believe in?

    I’m sorry that dedicated younger members of the network have had a tough time getting their peers on board. Anything an older person can do to help with their effort?

  11. How can I get a copy of the paper from the Moore School of Business describing the benefits of Medicaid expansion? I’d like to include data in a speech I’m writing about my experience as a low-income person with mental illness, and the relationship between physical and mental health.

    Have tried three times to join the SC Pronet Facebook group to no avail. A new request is pending. Please approve?!

  12. I want to become involved with TruthfulTuesday. I’m really fed up with SC’s attitude towards helping the least, lost and leftout. What do I need to do?

  13. I very much would like to get involved in Truthful Tuesdays and try to bring in some young people who are benefiting from the AHA. Having just enrolled in the heath insurance with the help of a navigator, it is my responsibility to spread the truth about how easy and affordable healthcare is with the Affordable Health Care Act

  14. Anne,
    I was delighted to see your post! You were marvelous on channel 5 touting the importance of the Affordable Care Act! Thank you very much for speaking out in such an articulate fashion.

    I am organizing carpools from Charleston to Columbia for this week’s action and would love to have you ride with us. Can you please phone me to learn the details?

    Many thanks,
    Loreen Myerson

  15. I wish we could deliver a weekly “medical bill” to the Governor and Gen Assembly reflecting the approximate amount of unpaid care cost-shifted to the rest of the system and a “lost opportunity” bill for the medicaid payments not circulating through our local economies as a result of the Medicaid grandstanding. What part of:
    preventive care
    healthy workers
    medical cost shifting
    economically solvent hospitals
    don’t these politicians and their allies understand?

  16. Only just found out about Truthful Tuesdays today, not been a lot of coverage on our upstate media….Im so excited…finally!!! Can’t wait to get involved. Thank you.

    Ted Bruce

  17. Why is it ok for SC to ask for federal funds-disaster area declaration, MOX, et al- and not those that will help the poor?

  18. Up here in Rowan County of North Carolina, we are fighting back. The TEA Party has taken over our county and state government. So we, La Resistance have formed a movement to get them and their tyrants out of our county and State government. Read all about what we stand for and if you agree join us to take back our nation form these dictators. Please visit VIVA La Resistance.

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